Panamanian Breakfast, a Fryfest

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Breakfast at home is serious business.

My mom has always made a big effort to create a delicious morning experience in our house. I love visiting Panama because my mom goes all out when I am there. She makes all the foods and things that she knows I love.

And that means frituras or fried things. Delicious crispy, fatty items made from a variety of doughs, usually based on corn, flour cassava, taro, eddo & other starches.

They are usually stuffed and made into several types of fried foods.

Here’s a list of the most popular Panamanian breakfast items:

Carimañolas –  Cassava Fritters filled with beef or prok

Empanadas de Harina – Buttery flaky pastry pockets stuffed with an assortment of fillings such as cheese, beef, chicken.

Hojaldras – Flour dough, can be sweet or savoury, drizzled with sauces, syrups, dusted with sugar & cinnamon.

Bollos de Maíz – Similar to a tamal, ground corn dough formed into a husk, steamed then cut into chunks that can be fried in butter

Bollos de Coco – Same as the corn ones but with coconut added.

Bollos Preñados – “Pregnant” Bollos, usually stuffed with pork, beef or chorizo

Tortillas de Maíz- Yellow or white corn dough formed into patties then deep fried to crunchy goodness.

Almojábanos – Tortilla de Maíz dough mixed with cheese & formed into “S” shapped fritters

Chicharrón – Pork Cracklin’

Chorizo – Spanish sausage

Tasajo – Dried beef similar to jerky

Puerco Frito – Fried pork & cracklin’ bits

salchichas guisadas – Sausage, peppers & onions in an annto tomato broth

Bistec encebollado – Steak & sauteed onions

Queso del Pais traditional Panamanian queso fresco

Among others…. Aaaand now I’m hungry!


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  1. Beautiful lady having had the absolute pleasure to eat in your home I can say that your breakfast is one of my all time favorite meals of my life. Your passion love and respect for the food and its ingredients comes through with every bite. .Congratulations and continued success. ♥


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